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    CozyKey is an intuitive iPhone keyboard for fat fingers.


    Unlike other keyboards that make users learn new input methods or new keyboard layouts, CozyKey provides much bigger keys and a familiar keyboard layout by utilizing triangular shaped keys. With bigger keys, CozyKey helps those thumb-typers and users with big fingers can type more accurately.


    • Big keys - Keys are about 20% bigger than standard(*).
    • Type with one hand - Keys are still big enough in one handed keyboard.
    • Easy to use - Familiar layout
    • Key tap animation - Better visual feedback

    • Beautiful themes(**)

    • Secure and security - NO Full Access required. The iOS system ensures that keystrokes cannot be sent to anywhere.


    * 20% bigger for iPhone 8 plus
    30% bigger for iPhone 8 and iPhone X
    34% bigger for iPhone SE


    ** Some themes are available through in-app purchase.

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    Nov 17, 2017


    iOS 11.1+ for iPhone


    USD $2.99

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